Exclusive Q&A: Miranda Kerr

With The Makeup Mole’s help, we tried cornering Miranda Kerr a few weeks back for a chat about her new KORA Organics skincare. Then came the small issue of a wedding to Orlando Bloom, which threw a slight spanner in the works. But no sooner had the blushing bride disembarked from her honeymoon did she talk to us for this exclusive BeautyBlog Q&A… it’s all about nature, noni juice—and what love means to her.

  • HowBigIsYourEco: Why create KORA specifically with an organic focus?
  • Miranda Kerr: I have literally tried and tested products from all over the world and I could not find an organic range of skincare that contained all of the beneficial ingredients for my skin that I personally wanted.  I studied health and nutrition so I knew what I was looking for but couldn’t find so the only solution was to create my own range.
  • Through my skincare I hope that people get to experience first hand the benefits of using organic skincare. In terms of my own life I try my best to ensure all the products I use and the food I eat is organic or as close to natural as possible. I appreciate this is not always an option and am ultimately flexible but I definitely prefer organic products and produce. To me it makes sense. I respect everyone has their own opinion and is free to do as they wish but based on what I know and have read over the years going organic is something I am very passionate about.
  • HBIYE: Noni juice is a key ingredient in KORA and something you’ve advocated for some time now… how did you discover it?
  • MK: Noni Juice is definitely considered a core ingredient in the KORA Organics range and I consider Noni one of my best kept health and beauty secrets. I was first introduced to Noni by my grandmother when I was twelve and I have been drinking it daily ever since and applying it topically to my skin.
  • Noni (Morinda citrifolia L.) is a tree which produces a unique fruit and is native to Pacific Islands and Tahiti. The fruit, leaves and seeds in the fruit have been used for medicinal purposes in Polynesia for over 2,000 years and experts suggest it is able to help a whole host of health issues, boost energy and improve skin condition. It’s very high in Vitamin C, antioxidants and addresses free radical damage. I wanted to incorporate its magical qualities into the KORA skincare range so consumers can enjoy its powerful benefits too.
  • HBIYE: You’re a country girl at heart (Kerr grew up in Gunnedah, rural NSW), so you were raised in nature—has this stayed with you over the years?
  • MK: Growing up in the country surrounded by nature has definitely shaped my love for all things natural and organic. It is now so much a part of who I am I simply find ways of making it work in with my life wherever I am. Whether it is having fresh flowers and plants in my home or taking a great book to Central Park and relaxing under a tree. You have to make the most of what you have around you.
  • HBIYE: KORA’s Love Guaranteed pack is like a recipe for romance: what guarantees love for you?
  • MK: It is the small no-fuss things that I find the most romantic. It could be something as simple as making me a cup of tea or being given a foot massage while we are watching a movie at home after a long day at work. To me that is what love is all about.

Visit the KORA Organics website to view the entire KORA range and shop online.

Very special thanks to The Makeup Mole for our chat with Miranda Kerr.

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